MyTree keeps growing!

Welcome under MyTree!
It is a pleasure to see you here!
As you certainly know: A TREE needs time to grow!
So, welcome to the GREEN show! on MyTree.TV

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By the way, didn't you make a song about a TREE yet?
I mean, they give use oxygen for FREE! ;-)
I am looking forward to listening to your TREE-SONG!

Yours faithfully,


P.S.:The "TREEmagazine- For people who care!" is recruiting!
Are you a journalist or do you like to write about MUSIC, ART and CHARITY?
We are looking for at least 5 journalists for our new section called "MyTREE - uncut" in which we will show short-video-interviews...

Please send your complete application to Stefan{at}MyTree.CH
Let if flow! Let it grow! www.MyTree.TV

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