The HUBLOT-Logo reminded me
of a picture with a growing tree!
It says more than thousand words
and sounds like singing hummingbirds!

If one picture counts a thousand times...
what about a documentary with subtitle lines?
Ideas can grow like trees in your head!
Does money make you happy or sad?

Words and pictures will change our earth!
But what's the benefit in money's worth?
Well, it could be that you still don't understand
But this world needs YOUR helping hand!

Unfortunately the Bank "Sarasin" denied to sponsor our Documentary called "The way of a BAO T-Shirt". But maybe somebody else would like to support our project? 

 Happy Birthday, Switcher & newTree!
You know,
there is this special moment.
When a whale is blowing his fountain into the air or when a TREEhugger is hugging a Tree for the first time. This very moment is quite short and at the same time so unique that it stays in your memory for ever. There will be the moment when you know that you did the right thing.
Best Wishes & keep it green!


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