Letter to my son!

It's a poem actually...

©12.05.07 03:37:44 - 04:27:04 by Stefan{at}MyTree.ch

Hello! How are you my son?
I know you are still unborn
Hey, I thought I found your mom
but she preferred to stay alone

My son, be patient please
'cause the lady-miss
who gave me the last kiss
has got too many hobbies!

My son, I am sorry you have to wait
'cause not every woman is a housemaid
there are to many who just wanna be laid
and try to avoid almost any debate!

Well, my dear unborn son
there is now something called emancipation
which makes it a real frustration
to find a soul-matching creation

Hey, I don't even know your name
but I know there is no gain
without pain
for some women LOVE is a game

Tell me, my son, what shall I do
to find the best mother for you?
I have absolutely no clue!
Do you know what to do? Don't you?

Where are all the smart ones?
Is there maybe any chance
that I can stop to bounce
and find someone to dance?

Hey, my son maybe we are lucky
and your mother is reading my poetry
she'd only have to write back to me
and of course fall in Love with me

You know, my son your mother is smart
that's why she knows that LOVE IS ART
To all those who are not more than a fart
we are going to give the red card!

Empty vision-less women – HOT AIR
where is the mummy - able to take care
of you and you sister and brother
with who I shall share

my entire LIFE
who could be a loving wife
who is not putting any knife
into my heart and strive

for a relationship in harmony
who will make even rainy days sunny
I'm sorry, my son, I didn't find my honey-bunny
and it might sound quite funny

but I will stop now to hunt
because I don't want a cant
I hope you can understand
that I don't want a woman to rent!

One who is able to give- that's the key
My son could you maybe tell me
if it can ever be reality
to be happy

with a woman on the long term?
A woman who'd kiss KERMIT
the frog and earn
a PRINCE to commit

Well, that's all bull-shit!
It's impossible to find the best fit
I stop to search and sit
until LOVE will hit

me from a pro-active woman
who is searching a man
where I can be who I am
and who might even choose your name!


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