Children of da Revolution!

Children of da Revolution!

© by Stefan[at]MyTree.ch 23-Jan-2007

This poem was written at London Stansted Airport for Jeannine who gave me 5£ which means that I start to earn money with my poetry! It’s a MILESTONE!

It is not the amount of money that counts , it is just the fact that somebody helped me and I could pay my food with words! Thank you! Jeannine! You gave me more than you know!

Where are all the children of the revolution?
Where do they work? In which institution?
Why is all over the world such a confusion?
When will they be born? The children of the revolution?

Children grown-up without fear
Of luggage which might explode
Children with an open mind
for all beings of any kind
Freedom, family and equality
without any bank-code

When will they replace the idiots in charge*?
When is the spring-revolution? Is it in March?
It is going to happen – later or sooner
Hopefully before my funer

Call any God that you know
And ask him to stop
This unfair political game
Ask him to stop this hypocritical show
Ask him to remove all who are insane
But do not blame him!
You’ve got to vote and if you don’t - it is a sin!

Well, why the hell should we care?
The auto-destructive nature of human kind
Can not be seen by any creature
To sum it up: LIFE IS UNFAIR

*Definition of a politician: smooth, shining, and deceitful as thin ice!

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