Veronica decided to die!

5Word-Input: Peace, Love, Light, Freedom, Veronica 

Veronica decided to die!
by Stefan@MyTree.CH 11.12.2010 inspired by TREE Rivera

Veronica decided to die
but couldn't commit suicide
Her shrink told her a lie
she didn't like it - run and hide

At some point in her life
she wasn't able to see the light
Couldn't feel the pride
and still couldn't use a knife

to kill herself - in her night dive
she felt like off-the-shelf
she couldn't help herself
still, she didn't know her shelf life

Everyone has the freedom to leave
if you feel a hive of intrigue
get rid of the fatigue
Life is like a sieve

Only by screening
you'll understand the meaning
Before you rest in peace
go down on your knees

Use your sieve - catch the Love
When you're under osmotic pressure,
Try to understand the meassure
as derived from the equation of VANT HOFF! 8-)

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