The drizzling stars!

The drizzling stars
By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH for Sherida 10.08.2009
Input: Night, Wind, Ash, Star, drizzle


Do you know the drizzling stars?
Falling down to earth like ash?
Flying through the universe,
Dancing in a windy bash?

When they fall in the night and dance
They know who they used to be
Looking back with a piercing glance
Landing on some ash tree - leaves.

Up again and down in cycles
Pausing in some fired clay
Ending up in a pirate bay -

At the end of a glorious day
they find them self in the fusion zone
of a supernova or a human bone
transforming into a silver ray

Is there any price they pay
for the transcendental trip?
You'd say yes! Well, I'd say NAY!
They even didn't give any tip!

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