TV, Music, Cookies, Trust, Romeo


tv, music, cookies, Trust, Romeo
5 word-input-poetry inspired by Nicole,
Stefan{at}MyTree.CH 26.09.2009


Would you trust in Juliette
if you were Shakespeares Romeo?
Wouldn't you ever regret
not to listen to your favorit music in dolby digital stereo?

Would you cut your right ear
in order to paint like Vincent?
and, how much money would you spent
if you were deaf-blind
and all of a sudden you could hear?

Would you eat Cookies and watch TV
if you had only one day in your life left?
Tell me! Who would you like to be?
To be charged with identity theft?

Yes, it sounds quite bitter
But you can be anyone on TWITTER
You can even be Britney Spears Babysitter!
After all, isn't it just too much digital litter?

Please write your own Poetry including the 5 words above and
win a deep insight into your own soul!

Please post your opinion or your own poetry-version in the comments!

Let it flow & let it grow!


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